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What we are all about

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Here at Haven we believe in building community one group at a time for people with mood disorders and other mental health challenges. That’s why our mobile platform is centered around creating virtual, disorder specific, support groups to foster more personal connections than our chat based competitors. We also focus on making friends, not posts. Users can start to form real relationships to naturally build out their support network. Our focus is not on having a thousand acquaintances, but instead looking at social media from a micro perspective, prioritizing quality relationships over just quantity.

Haven allows for the creation of an unlimited number of Groups focused on various mental health challenges that people may encounter throughout their lifetimes. These challenges may be short term, e.g., grief, or longer term, chronic conditions such as Bipolar Disorder, depression, eating disorders, etc. Our goal is to allow people to find each other and through the bonds of friendship, find the type of support that only someone who's gone through similar experiences can truly understand.

Our co-Founder, who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, created Haven because he wanted to offer an easier way to form a network of people who can become friends and provide the type of support he wished he would have had when he was first diagnosed. Over the years he organically built his own support network, but he believes that he lost important years before he was able to find it. Haven is here to change all of that.

Haven provides the ability for members of the community to create an unlimited number of support groups for many different types of mood disorders, as well as for parents and caregivers of those who are struggling with mental health issues. In addition, the App provides a Mood tracker, individual and group chats, video support meetings, and a forum and gallery to engage in app-wide dialogue.

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